This website is primarily designed as a display of my work.  Image details and availability  are not specified with each painting.  If you are interested in any particular painting, please contact me at
Copyright: As with all paintings the artist owns the rights to the image.  If the painting is sold, the artist maintains the rights to the image while the buyer owns only the painting.  All reproduction of any painting must have the permission of the artist.  Some works can be sold with the copyright through special arrangements.
Prices:   To give you an idea of my pricing:
(all prices listed below are unframed) Prices are determined by size.
Works panel:
8 x 10  $400
11 x 14  $800
12, 14, or 16 x 20  $ 1,000
Works on Mylar:
9 x 12 $400
8 x 17 $600
Horizontals: 10 x 34, 12 x 36, 14 x 30  $ ask for quote
Verticals: 22 x 36, 23 x 36, 22.5 x 36, 23 x 36, 24 x 36,  $ask for quote
(off sizes are priced to the nearest dimension)

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